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Join the hundreds of clients who have worked with Mandy, transformed their results, created their unique “Blueprint for Success Handbook” ™ and taken their results, professionally and personally to the next level.

Based on powerful mindset tools, strategies and results techniques that Mandy uses with her private one-on-one clients, this program offers those individuals who know they can accomplish more and desire to perform optimally in their business. With a step-by-step formula that focuses on MINDSET, STRATEGIES and ACTION, you will discover how to hold yourself more accountable, plan, focus and be more productive and effective. With much greater ease than ever before.

  • A proven step-by-step formula to breakthrough to the next level.
  • Mindset tools, strategies and action habits for maintaining consistent progress.
  • Live a ‘designer’ life rather than a default life.
  • Secure and create your future TODAY.


There has never been a more important time than now to take charge of YOUR future!


Create a crystal clear plan for your business. Discover exactly how to stay focused on what is truly important. Learn how to carefully prioritise your tasks and uncover your inner drivers for fast-tracking results


Without the right Mindset you will never achieve the level of success you desire. Discover essential skills for emotional and mental mastery. Skills that equip you to overcome daily hurdles and challenges.


Create your own “Blueprint for Success Handbook.” Have all the tools you require to help you stay on track. Plan, schedule and implement to avoid being distracted by the uninteresting rather than the important.

A Personal Note From Mandy

I designed this program to give people just like you an affordable way to equip yourself with proven action strategies, research based methods and powerful Mindset techniques so that you can transform the way you work in your business and get better results. Achieve the success you desire.

I see people every day who don’t do the things they know they should in their business. The things that would be needle movers and help you get the results you desire. This causes frustration, stress and unfullfilment.  The more you are stuck, the more you get in your own way. You need a re-set, plan, strategy and direction and simplification.

The truth is everything you do starts in your mind, and it’s what is going on in the deepest part of your mind that is critical.

Transforming Mindsets is my passion and expertise. Many years ago when I dared to look deeper into myself and my mind, I discovered powerful keys that helped me change and transform all areas of my life to now living a truly magnificent and blessed life.

Discovering how your mind works and being equipped with proven strategies – the ‘how to’ is the essential ingredient to breakthrough your current blocks and skyrocket your results.

With step-by-step instructions, techniques and methodologies, you have all you need to transform your business results.

This program is revolutionary in that it offers you a unique opportunity to receive expert guidance and the assistance you need to create your own ‘Blueprint for Success Handbook.”

All done from the comfort of your home or office. The program is about helping you take the steps necessary, plan and embrace the mindset required to transform your results and achieve your goals. View details of program here

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that in the process, you prove to yourself that you can do the things you know you should. Furthermore, you become the person you truly desire to be. Then, you live your best life.

I sincerely hope you will take the opportunity to join me and together, create the results you so richly deserve.

Wishing you the greatest success as always.


Mandy Napier BSC Mindset for Success

Based on Mandy’s foundational C.L.E.A.R. ™ Mindset Coaching System and Winning Edge Formula, this 9 week program offers you a step-by-step formula with instructional videos, proven strategies and methodologies so you can get into action and accomplish your desired results. Create your own “Blueprint for Success Handbook.” Become a master planner and intentional action taker. Kick procrastination and get breakthrough results with more ease than ever before.

Member Special Offer – Save 50%

This 9 week Get Breakthrough Results Program is normally valued at $594, but this year, to ensure we help as many business owners to create the results they desire, both professionally and personally we are offering it for half price. So grab the opportunity while it is here.

What you will learn

✔︎ Setting Solid Foundations (most people forget this part)
✔︎ Reality check: The truth about why you haven’t achieved the results you want.
✔︎ Must-have key ingredients for a winning mindset.
✔︎ Foundations to create your unique Blueprint for Success Handbook™

Creating a Compelling Future

✔︎ Creating a compelling future vision.
✔︎ Making your goals magnetic.
✔︎Staying focused on your future vision (even though it may seem a long way off).

Planning for Success

✔︎ Simple planning strategies to drive action.
✔︎ Maintaining focus while travelling along your road to success.
✔︎ Building momentum and achieving wins.

Creating Winning Habits

✔︎ Daily Rituals: a critical ingredient in achieving what’s important to you.
✔︎ The essential habit for boosting productivity.
✔︎ Avoiding procrastination and overwhelm.

The Real Reason for Positive Thinking

✔︎ Eliminating doubt and negative self-talk.
✔︎ Thinking like a winner.
✔︎ Reprogramming your brain in the direction of success.

“Know Thyself’ – What Really Makes You Tick?

✔︎ Knowing what is truly important in your life to get results you desire, and why.
✔︎ Embracing three fundamental qualities for long term success.
✔︎ Maintaining consistency: discovering the key.

Building a ‘Happy State’ to Create a Happier You

✔︎ Overcoming ‘I don’t feel like doing……’ virus.
✔︎ Building a positive internal state and feeling inspired daily.
✔︎ Acknowledging your achievements and fast-tracking your results.

Becoming Your Best Self

✔︎ Identifying your own strengths and weaknesses.
✔︎ Polishing your skills and breaking through unnecessary behaviours.
✔︎ Improving incrementally and becoming your ideal you.

The Finishing Touches on your “Blueprint for Success”

✔︎ Getting back on track after a fall off the path.
✔︎ Using your “Blueprint for Success” to achieve breakthrough results in all areas of your life.
✔︎ Winning strategies and additional tools for your own unique Blueprint.

Pay only $297

3 Big Bonuses For You

Bonus 1

Join in the monthly LIVE Q and A group coaching calls where you can ask questions and troubleshoot any challenges you are facing as well as share your successes

Bonus 2

In addition to the workbooks and templates included in the program, you will also receive exclusive access to 10 additional tools and resources normally reserved for V.I.P One-on-One Coaching Clients

Bonus 3

Receive a Wealth Dynamics Profile and discover how to use this to help stay more focused and effective. Learn secrets to keep yourself motivated so you can perform at your best. Valued at $120

What clients say about Mandy and her programs

Mignon Auguszczak

Thank you Mandy. Your tools, techniques and strategies have been invaluable in keeping myself focused and on track, and my mindset positive during some challenging ‘life events.’ Your support, expertise and tools are without doubt, the most valuable resource for handling change in a challenging world.

Carol Carr

With Mandy’s help I got rid of the shackles of the past and a deep-seated lack of self-worth. I am now selling million dollar properties. Not one but many. A price range I once never believed possible. I genuinely believe I can reach my new goals even though they are higher and scarier!

Jimmi Bradbury

Not only does Mandy teach you how important the mind is on your well being and performance in life but she also gives you the tools and techniques to help you grow a positive mindset – A Mindset for Success. Mandy’s open authentic approach is an inspiration for all who will help you grow as a person and reach your best self.

Hayley Green

Mandy has helped me: reduce my procrastination and other negative perfectionistic traits; taught me techniques to create useful habits; optimise my behaviours; helped me understand why I think and behave how I do. Mandy is able to help you make changes that will stick with you for life.

The only question left to ask is…..



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